The STEALTH-VAC™ ELITE operates directly on 30 to 50 psi FILTERED compressed air or nitrogen.   The normally closed STEALTH-VAC™ Elite VACUUM PEN™ contains a whisper quiet venturi vacuum generator that is activated only when the control button is depressed.  This helps conserve factory compressed air when the tool is not in use.  The vacuum level can be controlled by adjusting the input pressure.   At 50 psi input the vacuum level is 21 InHg with 2 lpm of free air flow, at 30 psi input the vacuum level is 18 InHg with 1.75 lpm of free air flow and at 10 psi input the vacuum level is 3 InHg with .75 lpm of free air flow.

The normally closed STEALTH-VAC™ ELITE Kit is supplied with a set of 9 Buna-N Static Dissipative Non-Marking Vacuum Cups With Probes # VCS-9-B, 6 feet of 1/16 inch air hose, a 1/8 NPT to 1/16″ barb adaptor for the supply line, the vacuum generating handle and a VMB-3 holder for the wand.  With FILTERED compressed air supplied at the rear of the tool it is ready for use as follows:

  1. Attach a VACUUM PEN™ tip slightly smaller than the part you need to handle.
  2. Touch the vacuum tip squarely to the part and depress and hold the button.  The part is now  grasped.
  3. Move the part to where you want it.  Release the control button to release the part.
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