The W Series combines the best features of the A Series and the H Series, with the convenience of metric dimensions and fasteners for your metric based designs. The W-Series can be used in a wide range of applications from driving components with light torque requirements, such as encoders and tachometers (aluminum), to lead screws and pumps requiring greater torque (stainless steel).


  • Metric dimensions and fasteners
  • Metric and/or inch bores available
  • General purpose
  • Relief over Standard Bores

Relief * Major and minor diameter shafts may enter flexure area during operation Diameter shaft diagram * Dark areas indicate relief within the coupling interior


Used for encoder/ resolver applications, low torque pump, lead screw and various other applications.


Available in 7075-T6 aluminum alloy or 17-4 PH corrosion-resistant steel


Integral Clamp or Set Screw (2 at 120°)

Misalignment Compensation

  • 5° angular
  • .25mm parallel offset
  • .25mm axial motion

Technical Data

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