XL-25 Ceramic Heat Spreader

XL-25 Ceramic Heat Spreader

  • Open-porous structure increases air contact area
  • Best for limited space
  • High breakdown voltage/ high resistance
  • Good thermal conduction/ Low thermal expansion coefficient
  • EMI reduction
  • High reliability
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Suitable for limited installation space and can adapt to severe changes in the environment

Electronic components: Electric Vehicles, 5G, Autopilot System, Mobile Phone, AIOT, HPC (High Performance Computing),Server, IC, CPU, MOS, LED back light, Mother Board, Power Supply,Heat Sink, LCD-TV, Notebook, PC, Telecom Device, Wireless Hub, DDR ll Module, NIC, screens, etc.

Standard Sizes (mm)
1. 10x10x2.0 (Flat) 2. 15x15x2.5 (Flat) 3. 15x15x5.0 (fin)
4. 20x15x2.0 (Flat) 5. 20x20x2.0 (Flat) 6. 20x20x2.5 (Flat)
7. 22x22x2.5 (Flat) 8. 30x30x2.0 (Flat) 9. 30x30x2.5 (Flat)
10. 30x30x5.0 (fin) 11. 35x35x10.0 (fin) 12. 40x40x2.5 (Flat)
13. 40x40x3.0 (Embossed) 14. 40x40x5.0 (fin) 15. 40x40x10.0 (fin)
16. 50x50x3.0 (Embossed) 17. 50x50x5.0 (fin) 18. 50x50x10.0 (fin)

Properties XL-25 Unit Tolerance Test Method
Thermal Conductivity 10 W / mK ±0.67
Color Gray/ Green Visual
Insulation Strength 500 Voltage ASTM D149
Bulk Density 1.89 g / cm3 ±0.18 CNS 619
Flexural Strength 47.5 Kgf / cm2 CNS 12701
Porosity 25 % CNS 619
Water Absorption 16 % CNS 619
Working Temperature <500 °C
Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient 4.13 10-6 RT~300°C
Main Composition Sic/ Al2O3/ SiO2
Hardness 5~6 Moh’s ±0.6 DIN En101-1992
●Compliance with REACH  ●Compliance with RoHS
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