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About US

Corry Micronics is a leading supplier of RF and Microwave Components and Subsystems and has been manufacturing EMI/RFI Filters for over 50 years. Specializing in high power and broadband solutions, CMI is a critical supplier and partner to major companies serving the Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Communications, and Specialty Test industries.

Since 1970, Corry Micronics has become a key supplier and service provider for those needing a broad range of capabilities, expertise, design flexibility and customization. Driven by the unique capabilities of each customer, we take a proactive approach to solve problems and create solutions within budgets and timelines. Our experience and innovation, coupled with the expertise to engineer and design individual and RF microwave subsystems, makes Corry Micronics a reliable partner for design engineers and product managers.

Corry Micronics’ product offerings include RF/Microwave Filters, Diplexers, Multiplexers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, RF Switches, Couplers, Power Dividers, Waveguide Components and Configurable RF Switch Matrices. We offer cost-effective customized solutions in a wide range of RF and Microwave Components and Subsystems.

Corry Micronics Quality Statement

At Corry Micronics, our goal is to provide uncommon value to our customers and to be known as the best in the industries we serve. Our systematic approach to accomplish this is to out-perform our competitors, in every little thing we do, especially in the following major areas:



over customer service, understanding customer wants and needs.



on-time and with quality,meeting or exceeding customer requirements.



culture with an unrelenting drive to monitor performance and continually affect process improvements in all parts of the business.



to make our products indispensable to our customers.

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