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The quality of materials, innovative proprietary technologies and an accurate analysis of the operative conditions of application allow our different teams of experts to design, prototype, realize and test solutions for electrical connections under the most extreme conditions.

Founded in 1986 (privately held and family owned). Techno expanded in time as a strategic partner to several important national and international manufacturing groups operating in many industrial sectors.

Background: specialization in the design and manufacture of small high-tech articles in plastic, in particular electrical connecting solutions of high technical content (resistance to extreme temperatures and chemicals, mechanical strength and degree of protection up to IP68, continuous immersion in water).

Mission: to contribute to the development of our partners by offering innovative solutions in the field of electrical connection with a high degree of protection (IP68).


Short time-to-market
Operational and commercial flexibility
High quality of product and process
Investment in R&D: more than 10% of turnover. Innovation is a core value of the Techno team and an integral part of its culture at all company levels. This allows Techno to be a major player in this changing market.

Exporting to 60 countries

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