3-Phase Step-Up Transformer


3-Phase Step-Up Transformer


3-Phase Step-Up Transformers are essential for a broad array of applications, some of which include:

  • 3-Phase motors
  • 3-Phase pumps
  • Heavy duty equipment
  • Railways
  • Industrial equipment


Step-Up Transformers are used for applications in which incoming power voltage needs to be increased. At our advanced 40,000 square foot facility, Agile Magnetics manufactures the highest quality standard and custom 3-Phase Step-Up Transformers in the industry. Whether customers need design assistance, prototypes, development, or full-scale production capabilities, our team can meet all client specifications and provide reliable, timely delivery.

Efficient Service for Multi-Phase Requirements

While numerous transformers offer step up capabilities, 3-Phase units are the most efficient and cost-effective choice. Within this system, the three secondary windings are joined together, and the three primary are joined together. With a light, compact design that employs less raw material than multiple one phase units, 3-Phase Step-Up Transformers provide the same power as three individual one-phase units — with a reduction in costs.

Whether customers need to maximize efficiency, reduce maintenance, or introduce an entirely new transformer, our designers and engineers can help. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we can design, manufacture, and deliver the industry’s best standard and fully customized 3-Phase Transformers.

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