9360 Series Dual Output Rotary Position Sensor


The 9360 Series rotary sensor is a non-contacting Hall effect device with up to 360° of rotation and dual outputs. This rugged design is ideally suited for continuous rotation applications where reliability and durability are a priority. The sensor provides absolute position at power on and offers two completely isolated outputs. The packaging is similar to other BEI® devices and meets the severe durability requirements that are typical in off-highway and agriculture environments.


  • Fully programmable: The standard sensor provides 15°-360° electrical degrees. Multiple outputs with limited electrical angles up to 360° and temperature compensation are also available
  • Compression molded Neodymium magnets: Provide excellent temperature stability and corrosion resistance
  • Ratiometric analog output or PWM output: Reduced sensitivity to voltage changes
  • Factory programming through connector: Allows for quick turnaround on custom electrical angles
  • Sealed construction: IP66 / IP67, 6-pin I/O interface to Packard Electric Metri-Pack Pull-to-Seat 150.2 Series P/N 12162261 or P/N 12162260 connector; Ampseal 16 – 6 position, P/N 776433-1sealed receptacle housings 2-Row
  • Temperature range: -40° to +125°C standard
  • Operating life: 35M cycles; Over one million cycles at 1kg side load

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