• Our cost efficient medium performance power inlet filters with enhanced two element circuit provides good attenuation up to 30MHz.
  • AMI 11AG models feature snap-in mounting setup.
  • Good RFI suppression performance for wide range of applications including entertainment devices, home appliances, exercise machines, and computing accessories
  • UL Approved


Rated Volts

Rated Currents

Leakage Current Each Line to Ground

Circuit Type

Mounting Style

Termination Inputs

Termination Outputs

250 VAC 1,3,6,10 or 15 A* AMI-M11Y models : .25 mA/ .40 mA

AMI-M11X models: 2μA/ 5μA

Single stage & unfiltered Screw and snap-in mounting IEC 60320-1C14 .187[4.8] spade terminals

Or .25[6.3] spade terminals

[Available with or without pre-connected switch terminals]

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