EVERSWITCH Touch Metal technology has resolved the concerns of the remote system operators.
With EverSwitch self-diagnostic capability, system operators are able to continuously monitor that the switches and keypads work properly.
In locations where public safety is a concern, stations are often located in unattended areas and can be subject to vandalism in addition to all types of weather conditions. It is essential that the call buttons/operation button work 100% of the time.
This capability provides on time alert and saves manpower costs of verifying every equipment in place.
Self-diagnostic capability is unique to EverSwitch piezo switch technology.
Fits into Touch Metal Piezo Switch, M30 x 1.5 thread, 40 mm head and ring illuminated with multi-color RGB LEDs (12 or 24V). One-piece metal housings milled construction and mounted with a nut. Aluminum housings are available in Silver, Red, Black, Green, Gold or Blue anodization.

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