Belleville Washers & Disc Springs


Types of Disc Springs & Belleville Washers

Carbon Composite Spring Washers

Carbon Composite Disc Springs

  • Alternative to steel elements
  • Up to 70% lighter weight
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-magnetic
  • Available from MW Industries

Belleville Washer Spring Designs

Belleville Washers (Classic)

  • Designed to meet high performance requirements of dynamic loading applications
  • Typically made from High Carbon or Alloy steel
  • Available from MW Industries

Pre-Stressed Belleville Disc Springs

Belleville Washers (Pre-Stressed)

  • Used to maintain load or tension in light bolted assemblies
  • Sized for standard bolt sizes
  • Pre-stressed
  • Available from MW Industries

Heavy Duty Belleville Spring Washers

Belleville Washers (Heavy Bolted)

  • Designed for heavy bolted applications
  • Used when there is a need to overcome thermal expansion / contraction
  • Stainless steel options for corrosion resistance
  • Not pre-stressed – designed for static bolt applications only
  • Available from MW Industries

Flange Disc Springs

Flange Disc Springs (FL / MFL)

  • Elastic mechanical elements designed primarily for pipe flange applications
  • Reactive power keeps bolt joint tight under all conditions
  • Available from MW Industries

National Disc Spring Washers

Flange Disc Springs (NDS)

  • Maintain bolt tension and gasket pressure around the flange
  • Stand up under the most severe conditions
  • Automatically adjusts for thermal variation, vibration, and mechanical shock stress
  • Available from MW Industries

Stainless Steel Flat Washers

Flat Washers (SFW)

  • Made from 17-7 stainless steel
  • Provide strength of heat treatment and corrosion-resistance
  • Great for outdoor use or in harsh environments
  • Available from MW Industries

Ball Bearing Disc Springs

Ball Bearing Spring Washers

  • Especially designed as preloading springs for use with radial ball bearings
  • Help to maintain positioning accuracy of the bearing
  • Minimize vibration and shaft deflection
  • Available from MW Industries

Slotted Spring Washers

Slotted Disc Springs

  • Slotted elements reduce the spring load and increase deflection
  • Available from MW Industries

Contact Disc Spring Washers

Contact Disc Springs

  • Improved bolt connections – compensates for developed looseness, loss of bolt tension due to applied surface deterioration, or movement due to thermal changes
  • Available from MW Industries

Curved Disc Spring Washers

Curved Spring Washers

  • Cylindrical curve is well-suited for application requiring flexibility, light loads, and repeated cycles through a range of motion
  • Available from MW Industries

Serrated Disc Springs

Serrated Disc Washers

  • Serrated element ideal for use with almost any screw or bolt
  • Available from MW Industries

Finger Spring Washers

Finger Spring Washers

  • Counteract noise, excess wear, end play, and vibration
  • Especially effective at high speeds
  • Available from MW Industries

Wave Spring Washer

Wave Spring Washers

  • Efficient for obtaining the required load when the load is static, the working range is small, and the allowable amount of axial space is limited
  • Available from MW Industries
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