Bellow Assemblies


Ameriflex, Inc.® produces a full line of bellows assemblies to complement our metal bellows. We manufacture bolt-style and clamp-style bellows assemblies, flanges, valve assemblies, and expansion joints. Every bellows assembly we make is ultrasonically cleaned prior to welding, and helium leak tested after to ensure weld integrity and defect-free construction.

Our bellows assemblies are either built to meet customer specifications, or designed by our team of in-house engineers to meet the customer’s unique requirements. Our years of manufacturing experience and CNC machining capabilities help us create vacuum fittings with the perfect combination of diameter, length, and wall thickness, and to tolerances within a few thousandths of an inch. Every bellows assembly we produce is ready for immediate installation, with no assembly required, saving you time and money in the production process.

We manufacture our bellows assemblies from only the highest quality, domestically-sourced or DFAR-compliant materials, including stainless steel and other alloys. Other materials are available upon request.

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