Bolt Style Hermetic Filter

Bolt Style Hermetic Filter

Instec 0.375 inch EMI filters are ideal for applications where performance is critical. These Hermetically Sealed filters are available in C, L1 &L2, PI, T, and T-T circuits giving the circuit designer multiple choices.

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  • Utilizes MLC discoidal capacitors, the heart of the filter
  • Silver plated case and hardware offer excellent conductivity
  • Infinite paths to ground within the capacitor allow for lowest impedance to ground available
  • Full part number and date code marking, custom marking available on request
  • Designed and can be tested to MIL-PRF-28861 requirements
  • Rated to 15 Amps. Higher Current ratings available as non-hermetic designs
  • Standard lug leads, others available on request
  • 375 case (1/4-28 UNF-2A thread)
  • Custom configurations also available-contact factory
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