Brake Force Sensors


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What do you get when you combine proven Piezo-resistive Microfused Silicon Strain Gauge Sensor (MSG) technology and vast Force Sensing experience? Best-in-class performance and accuracy in harsh environments. We’re at the forefront of MSG technology, with more than 300 million MSG-type sensors in the field and  we keep improving performance and cost, with innovations including:

  • Direct caliper motor/spindle integration for Brake Wire systems
  • Extra small form factor MSG sensors that weigh less than five grams
  • Facilitating system-level miniaturization
  • Advanced button-type sensors designed to lower costs and improve accuracy

Best of all, we’re ready and willing to develop new force-sensing solutions that are custom-tailored to your specific needs.

Brake Force measurement in the Caliper of an Electro Mechanical Brake System (EMB).


  • Robust & proven Piezo resistive Micro-fused Silicon Strain Gauge (MSG) technology
  • > 50M in MSG type sensors in field
  • Force range: 0 – 30kN
  • Analog & SENT output
  • ASIL-C compliant

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