Bushings are cylindrical objects with one end turned down to produce a wider edge.

On the outside, the turned down portion of the cylindrical part, often called the flange, produces 2 diameters (OD) & two lengths. Meanwhile the entire part has one inside diameter (ID), usually a clear hole drilled through but threaded in some cases. The tube portion below the flange is called the shank, and is often inserted into a chassis to provide support for a rotating shaft, with the flange serving to prevent the bushing from going through the hole. It can also be used to provide spacing, with the shank serving to center a shaft or fastener.

Bushings can be made of almost any material, but are most commonly made of stainless steel. Nylon and Delrin are common materials for bushings as well. Sizes range from 010” to 3″ Shank Length & 1/16” to 1″ internal diameter.

ASM’s refined manufacturing processes can hold tighter tolerances than the industry standard and allow for the fastest turnaround of parts as needed. Part lengths can be modified to suit any customer requirement. ASM’s quality management system is AS9100D and ISO9001:2015 certified. DFARS documentation is available upon request.

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