CFP2 ~ CFP2-64G Connectors & Accessories

CFP2 ~ CFP2-64G Connectors & Accessories

CN121X-104 Series CFP2, CFP2-56G, and CFP2-64G Connectors and Mechanical units for 100/400Gbps Ethernet

  • CFP MSA SPEC compliant
  • Offers both connectors and heat sink modules
  • Offers both side-to-side & front-to-back heat sink
  • Offers both single & dual-slot designs
  • Meets CEI-28G-VSR requirement defined by OIF
  • Best fit for CFP2-ACO (Analog Coherent Optics) solutions (CFP2-56G & CFP2-64G)
  • Works for future 56G-NRZ channel and 100G-PAM4 chaneel (56G CFP2 connectors)
  • Works for future 64G ACO and 100G-PAM4 chaneel (56G CFP2 64G connectors)
  • Supports 100/400 Gb Ethernet systems. 
  • Mechanical Components compatible between standard CFP2, 56G CFP2, and CFP2 64G connectors


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