DC Charging Connector CHV-04


Special Features:

Easy Operation

  • Just insert to mate.Push yellow Eject button to unmate.

Easy Handling

  • Grip shape ergonomically designed.High-flexible cabtyre cable.

Safety Structure

  • Safe charging achieved by latch position detection (CHAdeMO 1.0 compliant)

Ease of Maintenance

  • If damaged, housings can be easily replaced.

Completely Independent Waterproof Construction

  • Circuit routing and waterproof design protect the circuits in the event of water entry.

A LED Lamp Lights during Charging

  • A LED lamp lights during charging, and charging start can be confirmed at the connector.

Connector Uncoupling Prevention Function

  • An electromagnetic lock prevents uncoupling during charges.

10,000 Cycles of Insertion and Removal are Possible

  • Excellent durability makes use for a long period possible.

Crush-resistant Construction

  • The connector does not break even when driven over by a vehicle of up to 2tons.

Drop Impact Resistance

  • The connector will not break even when dropped from a height of 1m.


Rated voltage 500V
Rated current 125A
Ambient temperature -40┬░ to +60┬░
Cabtyre cable POWER 2, SIGNAL 7, LED power supply 2

DC Charging Connector CHV 04 Specs

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