This compact, 1.5” diameter HPHT Brushless DC motor from BEI Kimco is ideal for down-hole applications, such as mud pulser valves. This rugged motor from BEI Kimco has been tested for operation up to 400°F (205°C) and pressures up to 30,000 PSI (2070 bar).


  • Samarium cobalt magnets provides high temperature stability and corrosion resistance
  • Proprietary structural adhesive and insulation material increases reliability under continuous duty operation
  • Stainless steel sleeve rotor ensures added protection in high shock and vibration environments
  • Ruggedized and tested for HPHT environments
  • Integral commutation, no external feedback device
  • Shock 1000g, 0.5ms/axis
  • Vibration 25g RMS 30 – 500Hz Random, 3h/axis


Winding Constants UNIT TOL SYM WDG Z
DC Resistance Ω ±12.5% R 0.4
Voltage @ Tp V NOM Vp 9.06
Current @ Tp A NOM Ip 22.7
Current @Tcs A NOM Ics 5.9
Torque Sensitivity N.m/A Oz.in/A ± 10% Kt 0.037
BEMF Constant V/(rad/s) ± 10% Kb 0.037
Inductance @ 1kHz mH ± 30% L 0.25

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