Permanent magnet housed brushless DC motor from BEI Kimco have proven to be the most reliable and cost effective solutions for some of the most demanding medical, industrial, military and aerospace applications. We offer a wide range of electrical and mechanical interface options to support the most efficient integration of our products within our customer’s assembly.


  • Precision high speed balanced rotor assemblies for smooth operation
  • Precision ball bearings for improved life and reliability
  • Low cogging options for reduced vibration
  • Proprietary low loss magnetic circuit designs
  • Patented audible noise reduction techniques


Peak Torque (N-m / oz-in) 0.056 / 8
Continuous Stall Torque (N-m / oz-in) 0.025 / 3.5
Motor Constant (N-m/√watts) / (oz-in/√watts) 0.007 / 1.1
Weight (g/ oz) 87.9 / 3.1

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