Electrical Specifications

Nominal Frequency 62.500MHz to 161.1328MHz
Some frequencies within this range may not be available.
Frequency Tolerance/Stability (Inclusive of all conditions: Calibration Tolerance at 25°C, Frequency Stability over the Operating Temperature Range, Supply Voltage Change, Output Load Change, First Year Aging at 25°C, Shock, and Vibration)
±100ppm Maximum
±50ppm Maximum
±25ppm Maximum
±20ppm Maximum
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to +70°C
-40°C to +85°C
Supply Voltage (VDD) 3.3VDC ±5%
Input Current 75mA Maximum
Output Voltage Logic High (VOH) VDD-1.085VDC Minimum, 2.35VDC Typical, VDD-0.88VDC Maximum at -40°C to +85°C
VDD-1.025VDC Minimum, 2.35VDC Typical, VDD-0.88VDC Maximum at 0°C to +70°C
Output Voltage Logic Low (VOL) VDD-1.83VDC Minimum, 1.60VDC Typical, VDD-1.555VDC Maximum at -40°C to +85°C
VDD-1.81VDC Minimum, 1.60VDC Typical, VDD-1.62VDC Maximum at 0°C to +70°C
Duty Cycle Measured at 50% of waveform
50 ±5(%)
Rise Time/Fall Time Measured at 20% to 80% of Waveform
300pSec Typical, 700pSec Maximum
Output Logic Type LVPECL
Load Drive Capability 50 Ohms into VDD-2.0VDC
Phase Noise All Values are Typical
-60dBc/Hz at 10Hz Offset, -95dBc/Hz at 100Hz Offset, -125dBc/Hz at 1kHz Offset, -143dBc/Hz at 10kHz Offset, -145dBc/Hz at 100kHz Offset, -145dBc/Hz at 1MHz Offset, -146dBc/Hz at 10MHz Offset
Logic Control / Additional Output Tri-State and Complementary Output
Tri-State Input Voltage (Vih and Vil) Vih of 70% of VDD Minimum or No Connect to Enable Output and Complementary Output, Vil of 30% of VDD Maximum to Disable High Impedance Output and Complementary Output
Standby Current Without Load
30µA Maximum
RMS Phase Jitter Fj=12kHz to 20MHz; Random
0.4pSec Typical, 1pSec Maximum
Storage Temperature Range -55°C to +125°C
Start Up Time 10mSec Maximum
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