EMI, RFI low pass, and etc

EMI, RFI low pass, and etc

Hisonic manufactures many different configurations of inductors. Whether you need a simple inductor, common mode choke or a more exotic configuration, Hisonic can engineer and manufacture an inductor that meets your needs. Hisonic inductors are used in a large variety of airborne navigation systems, communications systems, and industrial and commercial electronics applications.

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Hisonic manufactures a wide variety of filters including the following configurations:

  • EMI
  • RFI low pass
  • high pass
  • band pass
  • band reject
  • phase and attenuation equalization
  • compensation networks

Temperature Range:

  • -55 to 130°C
  • Up to 200 MHz normal, extensions to 1.3GHz for some configurations.

Power Range:

  • Signal – microwatt to milliwatts
  • EMI/RFI/Power – Up to 1500 W

Current Range:

  • Up to 250 A on RFI/EMI/Power
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