EVF series


1, large capacity, high specific power

The products are high quality raw materials, which have the characteristics of high current discharge performance and high capacity.

2, low temperature capacity

The product has a good low temperature charge and discharge, avoiding battery life in winter.

3, maintenance-free characteristics

The battery is a valve-controlled sealing structure, which is very different in use, and there is no need for hydrating maintenance.

4, the over-discharge recovery ability is good

Adopting advanced grid alloys and lead paste formulations, the conductive plate grid and the living substance can be more effective in combination.

5, high current discharge performance excellent

The pole terminal is used to use the copper core structure, and the wire connections are firm and reliable, safe, convenient, more conducive to large current discharge.

6, better consistency

A new generation of advanced formulas, the latest special processes, ensuring stable consistency in series using the multi-cell.

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