FFC series are highly reliable and proven 2.54 mm pitch PCB header connectors, which fit a wide range of uses.

Strong Point

  • Can be used for board-to-cable or board-to-board applications in combination with female connectors such as HONDA HKP series.
  • Can be used as a terminal board for switching between circuits on a PCB in combination with HONDA DIC series of connectors.
  • The number of contacts are selectable as required.
  • Pin is selectable to correspond to a mating female connector, or for other particular use.
  • Two types of contact plating, gold plate and tin copper plate are available, which are selectable depending on usage.
  • Two colors, black and blue, are available for molded insulators.
  • Extracting a pin to prevent misinsertion is possible.


Office automation equipment and communications equipment

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