Flow Sensors


A flow sensor is a device used in measuring flow volume of liquids or gases and then convert the acquired raw signal into readable information. Misensor provides our clients with various specified flow switches and sensors to meet their needs.

A flow switch can be installed in the channel to monitor flow volume of liquids, air or other gaseous media through a system. In the cases when the flow volume exceeds or drops below the pre-set point, a series of actions will be triggered, such as activating an alarm. Then the corresponding instructions will be given by the system to adjust the required behavior and avoid the accidents like burning.

A flow sensor is placed in the water system, aiming to monitor, report and control the flow volume of liquids in the real time. The paddles or magnetic patches in the sensors can be rotated by whatever substance is flowing by, and the pulse signals are sent from Hall element to the controller which can finally display the flow volume. The mentioned flow sensors are applied in different fields, including coffee machine, water fountain, heater, bottled beverage production line, remote irrigation system and so on.

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