1.25mm Pitch Connector for FFC


The FOX Connector for FFC achieves high operability on the automobile assembly process. In addition, locking structure is provided on the FFC side to improve reliability of the connector.

  • Reliable locking structure

Locking structure is provided on the FFC side to prevent incomplete mating and improve FFC retention force greatly.

  • High resistance to scooping (kojiri)

This connector has high resistance to scooping (kojiri) insertion and withdrawal as well as general connectors for automobile by mounting a plug housing and a retainer on the FFC side.

  • Temporary board retention feature

The connector can be temporarily held on a printed circuit board by clinching the contact solder tail. It prevents lifting of the connector.

  • Two types of connections

This connector is available in top and side entry type depending on its mounting designs.

  • RoHS Compliant


01 – Connection Type: Automotive
02 – Product Type: FFC/FPC Connectors
03 – Pitch / Style: 1.25mm
04 – Current rating: 1.5A AC,DC
05 – Voltage rating: 12V AC,DC
06 – Temperature range: -40 to +90 Degrees Celsius
07 – Available number of circuits: 10
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