Gen4 SlotAIC Interposer


Gen4 SlotAIC Interposer


PCI Express slots are ubiquitous in ATX or ATX-based form factors in computing, storage, networking, and communication equipment applications. SerialTek’s PCIe Gen4 x4 slot interposer supports analysis of x1, x2, and x4 link-widths, though endpoints up to x16 may be plugged into the interposer. All relevant sidebands, including SMBus (e.g., NVMe-MI) from the host or from external / third-party injection or generation tools are supported. SerialTek’s PCIe Gen4 Slot (AIC) Interposers with SI-Fi technology are specially designed test adapters that are physically placed in between the PCIe slot and a PCIe endpoint to intercept and relay a copy of the high-speed signaling and discrete data lines to the Kodiak PCIe Analysis system in real-time.

Gen4 slot/AIC Interposer Overview

  • Dimensions: 25 x 116 x 248 mm (1 x 4.5 x 9.7”)
  • Power connector: Molex 87427-0602
  • Analyzer connectors: 2x SFF-8644
  • Device connector: PCIe CEM slot x16 straddle mount connector
  • Host module connectors: PCIe CEM x4 Edge fingers
  • SMBUS injection connector: 2×5 pin 0.1” header, 3.3 Vdc
  • REFCLK output connectors: 2x U.FL, AC coupled LPHCSL
  • REFCLK output control connector: 2 pin 0.1” header
  • REFCLK buffer control connector: 3 pin 0.1” header
  • Sideband signal access connector: 2×9 pin 0.1” header, 3.3 Vdc

Gen4 slot/AIC Sideband Signals

  • PRSNT2#_2
  • PRSNT2#_1
  • PRSNT2#_0
  • PRSNT#
  • GND
  • RSVD3 (x8 only)
  • RSVD2
  • RSVD1
  • WAKE#
  • GND
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