Model: HA
P/N: HAEV250xxx00K
Spacing: 2.5mm
Voltage: 150V
Current: 4A
Digit: 2*2-2*24P
Safety: cULus



Technical data

Technical data (UL/cUL) UL certification data (UL/cUL)         Use Group B C D
Nominal voltage (V) Rated voltage (V) 150
Nominal current (A) Rated current (A) 4
Connection capacity(AWG) Connection capacity(AWG)
Technical data in accordance with IEC and VDE
Rated insulation voltage at pollution degree 2 ( V) Rated Voltage / pollution transfection Level 2 160
Rated current/conductor cross-section (A/mm2) Rated current/ connection capacity 4/-
Solid/stranded(mm2) Single core wire (rigid)/Multi core wire (flexible)
Surge voltage category/pollution degree Surge voltage category/pollution degree III/3 III/2 II/2
Rated insulation voltage(V) 80 160 320
Rated surge voltage (kV) Rated surge voltage 1.5 2.5 2.5
General data general parameters
Screw Nut tightening torque(Nm)
Flange Nut thread flange thread size
Insulation material group Insulation material type/material group PA66/I
Inflammblility class acc. to UL94 flame retardant grade, in line with UL94 standard V0
Borehole diameter/pin dimensions PCB drilling size/pin dimensions 1.4/0.8*0.8
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