IGBT module (T/T1-Series)


  • New modules equipped with three-phase converter, inverter, and brake circuit(CIB), contributes to simplifying design for inverter systems.
  • CIB modules contribute to compact inverter systems by reducing package size by 36% compared to the Mitsubishi Electric’s existing module.(CIB).
  • Power loss has been reduced with the introduction of the 7th-generation IGBT produced using CSTBT™*2 and a diode incorporating a relaxed field of cathode (RFC) structure.
  • The new structure introduced eliminates the solder-attached section, increasing the thermal cycle lifetime, which contributes to improving the reliability of inverters.
  • The introduction of press-fit pins and PC-TIM*1 contribute to simplifying the assembly process for inverters

*1 PC-TIM: Phase change – thermal interface material
*2 CSTBT™: Mitsubishi Electric’s unique IGBT that makes use of the carrier cumulative effect

New structure realizes improved reliability(improved thermal cycle lifetime)

T T1 Series drawing

Press-fit terminal support(NX)

  • Possible to select the control pin shape(soldered terminals/press-fit terminals)
  • Solder attachment process eliminated

T T1 Series drawing 1

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