IPMs(G1 Series)


  • Power loss has been reduced with the introduction of the 7th-generation IGBT produced using CSTBT™*1 and a diode incorporating a RFC*2 structure that contributes to reducing the power consumed in inverters.
  • The new resin-insulated metal baseplate, originally introduced in 7th-generation IGBT modules, eliminates the solder-attached section, increasing the thermal cycle lifetime and improving inverter reliability.
  • In addition to the built-in functions of the previous product,*3 automatic switching speed control, error detection function contribute to lowering inverter loss and shortening design time.

*1 CSTBT™: Mitsubishi Electric’s unique IGBT that utilizes the carrier cumulative effect
*2 RFC: Relaxed field cathode
*3 Conventional product: IPM L1-Series Built-in functions: Supply Undervoltage lock protection (UV)、Short-circuit protection (SC), Over-temperature protection (OT)

“A” package main pin shape and layout

For the “A” package 6-in-1 (CG1A) main pin shape, select either solder pin or screw type For the pin layout, select either straight or L-shaped


G1 Series drawing


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