KPD/MF5E Film-Sealed NTC Thermistor Series

KPD/MF5E Film-Sealed NTC Thermistor Series

Application for computer,printer and household appliances.
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1) Appearance and Dimensions.
2) Features

Insulated membrane packaged,with fast thermal induction and high sensitivity.
Good stability and high reliability.
Good insulating property.
High resistance precision.
Safe in use.
Small in volume,light in weight and firm in structure, applicable to automatic installation.

(3) Purpose

Temperature measurement.
Temperature control.
Temperature compensation.

(4) Application
Computer, printer and electric family appliances.
(5) Precautions

Do not bend the resistance coil holder lest the resistance deviates due to the shake-off of chips and coil holder.
keep the temperature under 300℃ at soldering and not more than 0.5 seconds for soldering.
Use hot air gun for heat shrinking tubing and keep the air gun at about 120℃ in temperature.
When soldering, use constant temperature iron, with one hand holding the resistor, the other holding electric wires for butt-welding to improve the productivity and shorten the soldering time.
Special notice: never touch the chip (the top of resistor) with hand.

6) Description of Product Types and Specifications

1. KPD —— Abbreviations for KePengDa.
2. MF —— Indicates negative temperature coefficient thermistor.
3. 5K —— Temperature measurement membrane thermistor.
4. 103 —— Nominal resistance of thermistor, e.g. 103 indicates that the nominal resistance of the thermistor is 10*103 (Ω).
5. F —— Resistance error (precision) of thermistor, e.g. F indicates the thermistors resistance value error (precision) is ± 1%.
6. 338 —— B25/50 value of thermistor, e.g. 338 indicates the material factor B25/50 value of the resistance is 338*10K.
7. F —— B25/50 error (precision) of thermistor, e.g. F indicates B25/50 error (precision) is ±1%.
8. 25 —— pin length, e.g. 25 indicates the type of pin length is 25mm.
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