Li-SOCl₂ Bobbin Type Batteries

Li-SOCl₂ Bobbin Type Batteries

· High and Stable Operating Voltage

· Wide Operating Temperature Range

· High Current Pulse and Continuous Discharging Ability

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Product Overview


Lithium thionly chloride batteries have a lithium metal anode and thionly chloride(SOCl2) active cathode depolarizer and electrolyte solvent, using bobbin construction and is more suitable for low discharge current application.


Key Feature


High and stable operating voltage:



Wide Operating Temperature Range:

-60℃to +85℃.


High Energy Density:

650wh/kg and1280wh/dm3.


Low self-discharge rate:

(less than≤1% per year at 20℃). So it can store above 10 years at ambient temperature.


Hermetic stainless steel container

Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing

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