LPCV Series


Crydom’s LPCV Series of Solid State Linear Proportional Controllers offer precise control of the power delivered to loads of up to 110 Amps at 300 VAC.

By using phase angle control on the output SCRs, the output power is varied linearly in response to an analog control signal at the input of the LPCV proportional controller. The control signal can be a DC voltage or a DC current.

Many applications are well suited for the use of a LPCV analog input controller, such as: infrared and quartz heaters, resistive heating elements, rectified DC motors, industrial temperature controllers, conveyor speed control, among others.

Specification Description
Part Number 10LPCV24110
Category LPCV Series
Series LPCV Series
Control Voltage Range 0-10 VDC
Maximum Load Current 110 A
Operating Voltage Range 20-300 VAC
Mounting Panel
Status Active
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