Features : Product Identification :
.Encapsulated in a resin housing which adds to the
stability of the mounted part on a PCB.
MF 1112 – 472 K – TF
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
.Low DC Resistance and high current. (1) Type: Filter chokes with Molded cap.
.Best for the power supply line applications.
.High dimensional accuracy.
(2) Style: Outside size.
(3) Inductance: “472” for 4700uH.
.Meets UL 94V-0 flammability standard.
.Tape packaging for auto-insertion.
(4) Inductance tolerance : J: ± 5%, K: ± 10%, M: ± 20%
(5) Packing: “TF”: Tape; No code: Bulk.
Characteristics : Test equipments :
.Saturation Current (Isat): The current when the .L: HP4284A Precision LCR meter @1kHz 0.25V
inductance becomes 20% lower than its initial value. .Q: HP4285A Precision LCR meter.
(Ta=20℃). (MF1112 are 10%) .DCR : Millil-ohm meter
.Temperature Rise Current( Irms): The current when .SRF : HM9461 L-SRF meter or equivalent.
temperature of coil increase up to max.△T=25℃. .Electrical specifications at 25 ℃
.Operating temperature ranges: -20 to 80℃.

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