MF58 Glass-Sealed Diode NTC Thermistor Series

MF58 Glass-Sealed Diode NTC Thermistor Series

Application for air -condition and relevant equipment.Circuits such as big and small household appliances(such as air conditioner,refrigerator,induction cooker,bread cooker,roaster,electronic oven,microwave oven electric water heater,electric cooker,disinfecting cabinet,drinking machine,lightening electrical appliance),temperature measurement and control and heat protection.

KPD Recovered Recovered



1) Dimensions and sizes
(2) Features

Glass sealed packaging with firm structure and good heat resistance, applicable in severe environment.
High precision resistance and B values high reliability and stability.
Fast response and high sensitivity.
Good interchangeability, good consistency, high performance/price ratio.
Small size and light weight, suitable for auto and mass production.

(3) Applications

Temperature measurement.
Temperature control.
Temperature compensation.

(4) Applications

Air conditioner (heat and cool) and related equipment.
Temperature measurement and control and thermal protection circuits in various family appliances, such as air conditioner, refrigerator, electromagnetic oven, bread toaster, bake oven, electric roaster, microwave oven, electric fan, soybean milk maker, electric water heater, rice cooker, sterilizing cabinet, water dispenser and lighting appliances .
Temperature measurement and control circuit in the equipment for industrial and agricultural, medical, meteorological purpose, environmental protection and food processing.
Automatic office appliances.
Temperature compensation circuits such as instrument and coils, automobile circuit, integrated circuit module, transistor amplifying circuit, quartz crystal oscillator and thermocouple.

(5) Product Types and Specifications

1. KPD —— Abbreviations for KePengDa.
2. MF —— Negative temperature coefficient of thermistor.
3. 58 —— Temperature measurement type glass sealed thermistor.
4. 104 —— Nominal resistance of thermistor, e.g. 104 indicates that the nominal resistance of the thermistor is 10 × 104(Ω).
5. J —— Resistance error (precision) of thermistor, e.g. J indicates the nominal resistance error of the thermistor is ± 5%.
6. 399 —— B25/50 value of thermistor, e.g. 399 indicates the thermistors material factors B25/50 value is 399*10K.
7. F —— B25/50 error (precision) of thermistor, e.g. F indicates the thermistors B25/50 error (precision) is ± 1%.
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