Microwave SLC Single Layer Capacitors


A Single Layer Capacitor is a rectangular or square piece of dielectric material with metallization across the top and bottom of the ceramic. These metallized layers form a bottom electrode contact, and top electrode contact (top contact normally formed using a wirebond).

Johanson Single Layer capacitors are offered in a wide range of dielectrics for very high frequency applications.

Available in sizes from 0.25 x 0.25mm (10 x 10mil) to 5 x 5mm (200 x 200mil), these single layer capacitors are used in military infrastructure and industrial markets.

In addition to their excellent performance, reliability and consistency in volume production has been the focus.

Key Features:

  • Ceramic SLC Low Profile Devices Exhibit Very High-Q / Low Insertion Loss, SRFs to 50 GHz
  • Thin film gold electrodes provide superior wire bonding & die attach performance
  • Four SLC Device Types to Fit Many Applications:
    • Standard (Die) SLCs
    • Border SLCs
    • Bar SLC Arrays
    • Custom SLC Products
  •  RoHS – Available on all dielectrics
  • Custom sizes are available – please consult factory


  • Microwave Integrated Components
  • GaAs Integrated Circuits
  • RF/Microswave Components
  • DC Block, Bypass, Tuning
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