Smaller Size OCXO (9.7*7.5*3.9mm)
Wide Temp.(-40°C~95°C)
Lower Phase Noise(-160dBc/Hz@1KHz)
Stratum 3E OCXO
Goode short-term stability and Slope (0.5ppb/°C)
Application: 5G AAU, RRU, Small Cell, HUB, IEEE1588, etc.

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1. Output

Common Frequencies
10.00MHz 19.20MHz 20.00MHz 30.72MHz 38.88 MHz 40.00 MHz Customization


Waveform Load Amplitude(dBm) Peak-Peak(V) Harmonic Stray
Sine Wave 50Ω 5 1.1 ≤-40dBc ≤-75dBc
8 1.6
Square wave 15pF HCMOS

2. Frequency Stability (Typical, @10.00MHz)
Temperature Stability:  1E-8

3. Operating Voltage
4. Power consumption @25℃
Warm-up Power Consumption 2.0W
Warm-up Time 3min Max
Stable Power Consumption 0.6W Max
5. Voltage control characteristics
Linearity ≤10%
Slope  Positive
6. Phase Noise(Typical, @10.00MHz)
10Hz    -105dBc/Hz
100Hz   -135dBc/Hz
1KHz    -160dBc/Hz
10KHz   -165dBc/Hz
100KHz  -170dBc/Hz
1MHz   -170dBc/Hz
7. Environment Characteristics
Operate Temperature: -40℃ ~ +95℃
Storage Temperature: -55℃ ~ +105℃
Test Condition:
Amplitude: 0.75mm(5~26HZ);acceleration: 10g;10Hz~500Hz; a cycle per 30min, test for 2 hours in 3 directions (3 directions: X, Y and Z), IEC 68-2-06 Test Fc。
50g;11ms;half sine wave (3 directions: X, Y and Z), IEC 68-2-27 TestEa/Severity 50A
8. Mechanical Structure(mm)

Outlines & Pins Function
O79 封装.jpg

*Tolerance ±0.2mm without marking
9. Test Circuit

10. Reflow Soldering Curve(RoHS) 

11 Package: tape & reel(mm)
O79 包装.jpg

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