Piezo technology behind glass


EverSwitch presents the new luxury line of Piezo glass keypads.
EverSwitch piezo technology behind glass is used as the standard touch keypads.
Ideal for water environment (IP68) and resistant to high and low temperatures, this new technology,  gives the customer the possibility of having its own aesthetic design.
With or without illumination, special customized laser engraving, illumination colors, functions, cable/connector and more.
In addition, EverSwitch piezo electric glass panel has the same advantages of the metal touch piezo keypads: safety, durability, luxury style, ease to clean.
Our very qualified R&D team will assist you making your ideas reality. Your design, our challenge – every surface can become a switch.
Baran’s Piezo technology expertise guarantees that our products withstand under extreme conditions.
Each product is tested for reliability, durability and meets strict international standards: IP68, CE, ISO9001:2000, UL

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