Single-Layer, Broadband Capacitors (GBBL)


Johanson Technology’s new “GBBL” microwave broadband capacitors feature high capacitance per case size without sacrificing the temperature stability associated with high dielectric constant materials. GBBL broadband capacitors feature a proprietary X7R composition which is manufactured by a two step, atmospheric controlled sintering process. The resulting microstructure is composed of a conducting titanate ceramic grain in contact with an insulating Grain Boundary Layer (GBBL). The insulating boundary layer acts as a very thin dielectric. The process control of the boundary thickness, in conjunction with the conductive grain size, provides the cumulative effect of a very high, yet stable, dielectric constant.

Key Features:

  • GBBL Dielectric Yields High Volumetric Efficiency
  • Stable Temperature Coefficient: ±15% Max (-55°C to 125°C)
  • Reduced Microphonics
  • Offered With or Without Borders
  • Thin Film TiW/Au or TiW/Ni/Au Electrodes
  • RoHS

Custom sizes are available – Consult Factory. gbbl broadband single layer capacitors and typical comparison

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