SiSonic™ Surface Mount MEMS Microphones

SiSonic™ Surface Mount MEMS Microphones

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We are the world leader in MEMS microphones across the Mobile, Ear, and IoT markets and have shipped more than 15 billion units to date. Design variables include ever-smaller sizes, lower profiles and mounting options, increased output capacities, and new digital audio options that eliminate analog noise. For manufacturers, surface mount designs eliminate off-line subassembly production costs. Customized designs are supplied on tape-and-reel and can be run through standard automatic pick-n-place equipment during in-line surface mount manufacturing. The microphone can also communicate with our IntelliSonic™ software and special porting designs to provide a precisely customized sound.


  • New MaxRF models eliminate GSM/TDMA burst noise and provide wide-band RF noise suppression
  • UltraMini footprint – less than 11.5mm
  • Slim UltraMini footprint – less than 8.5mm
  • Digital mics eliminate analog noise
  • Integrated designs with differential or switchable gain
  • Bottom port for thinnest ever designs
  • Multiple performance modes (sleep, low-power, standard mode) optimize voice-trigger applications by entering a low-power high-SNR sensing mode
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