Super Capacitor (SLC1016)


Combination of battery and capacitor

Model No:SLC1016
IEC Size 1016
Current(mAh/mA) 15
Max constant current(mA):300
Operate Temp.(℃):-40~+80‘C
End voltage(V):2.5V


1. Long life and high pulse together.
2. Sustainable big pulse.
3. Excellent performance at high/low temperature.
4. Good pulse capability.
5. No voltage delay.
6. High safety and reliability.
7. Long storage life and low self-discharge.


1.  Data collector.
2.  Emergency rescue system.
3.  GPS.
4.  RFID.
5.  Remote wireless transmission system.
6.  Communication equipment.
7.  Cargo tracking.

Electrical performance(stored for one year at normal condition)

Capacity when charge to 3.65V(2.5V cut off)——-12mAH;
Capacity when charge to 3.95V(2.5V cut off)——-15mAH;
Needs: if discharged voltage is lower than 2.5V, the resistance of SLC1016 will increase.
Operating conditions
Max. continuous discharge current——300mA;
Max. continuous pulse current——500mA;
Max. charge voltage——3.95V;
Max. charge voltage——50mA;
Operating temperature range—— -40~+85’C;
Storage temperature range—— -40~+60’C;
ESR(AC) ——250mΩ;
Self discharge at RT——0.25μA;

Storage condition: clean, cool (preferably below +20℃, not exceeding +30℃), dry and ventilated.
Warning: Do not recharge, short circuit, crush, disassemble, heat above +100℃, incinerate,or expose contents to water. Dispose of used batteries properly in case of explosion, burn and leakage.

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