T3000 Pressure level transmitter


T3000 Pressure level transmitter



T3000 series is a highly reliable and accurate liquid level transducer. It can be widely used in liquid pressure and liquid level measurement, such as water, oil and other low corrosive liquids.

It features with 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless structure, high quality oil-filled pressure sensing unit, special amplifier and V/I transducer circuit board, which make it easy to be calibrate the zero point and full scale by external program-controlled.

The transducer can be configured wearable, oil-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, high strength breathable cable according to different field using environment.


Measurement Range 0~0.1……1mH2O, 0~1……500mH2O
Overload Pressure 1.5 times of full scales
Burst Pressure 3 times of full scales
Accuracy ±0.5%F.S, ±1%F.S
Long Term Stability Typical value: 0.1%F.S, Maximum: 0.2%F.S
Working Temperature -40°C~85°C
Compensated Temperature -10°C~70°C
Medium Compatibility All corrosive medium compatible with 1Cr18Ni9Ti and316L
Electrical overview Two- wired Three-wired
Output 4~20mA 0.5~4.5VDC 0/1~5VDC 0~10VDC
Power Supply 12~36VDC 5VDC 10~36VDC/AC 12~36VDC/AC
Load Resistance (U-10)/0.02 >100k?
Insulation >[email protected]
Electrical Connection Waterproof cover + Two rectangular Ring + Seal ring + Sealant +Glue, Protection: IP68
Pressure Connection G1/4 thread or Dive type
Response Time 10ms
Pressure Type Gauge pressure
Electromagnetic compatibility Electromagnetic transmit: EN50081-1/-2; Electromagnetic sensitivity: EN50082-2
Lightning-proof Air conduction voltage 8000V, shell or cable conduction voltage 4000V; Can also be provided according to customer’s requirement
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