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Alpha instruments Inc was founded in 2005, in Massachusetts, US. We specialized in the development and manufacture of low differential pressure transducer, which were applied in HVAC, Critical Environments, Medical Industry, Semiconductor Equipment, etc.

With our own R&D Center, we do basic research, also develop our transducers with our unique technologies. The designs of our products are based on decades of experience applied to new innovative ideas. Compared to other capacitive transducers, our extensively engineered, patented products provide better long term stability, more sensitivity, and higher over-pressure capability.

Our products cover the pressure range of 0.1 inch H2O to 100 inch H2O, or 25 Pa to 25000 Pa. With our unique manufacturing techniques, we can readily produce transducers with custom pressure ranges.

Alpha instruments Inc, one of the leading pressure sensor and transmitter manufacturing companies in the US, strives to provide the most advanced low-pressure transducers and bring superior Accuracy, Reliability and Value to our customers.

Our goal is to be the best at the low-pressure transducers, and we love challenges. If our current products do not meet your requirements, please contact us.

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