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Our commitment is to the development of advanced resistor technologies and to the production of high performance film resistor products.

Our business focus at Caddock Electronics, Inc. is to develop and manage unique material and process technologies with a commitment to the conservative producibility of high performance, high quality resistor products which provide technical solutions for our customers. The Caddock resistance materials technology had its beginning in 1962 with the Micronox® Resistance System. Resistor products made with the Micronox® Resistance System achieved a significant breakthrough in very high levels of stability and reliability through extreme operating conditions and harsh environments. In many types of high technology equipment and systems, this exceptional performance has permitted circuit engineers to meet their goals for increased levels of environmental stress and improved reliability. Our resistance materials technology progressed with the development of our Tetrinox® Resistance System. This unique low temperature coefficient resistance system made possible the introduction of low TC, ultra-stable resistors and resistor networks. The special combination of performance advantages achieved by our Tetrinox® technology has found wide application in precision and ultra-precision analog systems where accuracy and resistance stability are of primary importance. Through the years, our continuing resistance material research has extended our resistor technology into lower TC, greater stability, better transient handling, and higher and lower resistivities. These advanced resistor technologies have produced an expanding family of resistors and resistor networks. The many types shown in this catalog are all part of our continuing commitment to meeting our industry's present and future needs, and to satisfying our customer's requirements for the highest levels of performance.

Many applications with advanced performance depend upon the extra performance margin provided by Caddock film resistors and resistor networks.

Caddock's Micronox® and Tetrinox® film resistance technologies provide a wide range of performance advantages that are required for precision circuits in a diverse range of applications:

  • X-ray systems, electron microscopes, precision CRT displays, linear accelerators, and traveling-wave-tube power supplies use Caddock's Type USG, TG, MG, MX and THV high voltage resistor products.
  • Power supplies, motor controllers, power switching circuits for trains, RF systems, wide-band communications, data transmission systems, and geophysical down-hole instrumentation use Caddock's Type MS, MP and MM precision power film resistors. Also, Caddock current sense, low resistance products Type CC, CD, SR and MV precision film resistors.
  • Medical instruments, CAT scanners, laboratory instruments, body parameter monitoring systems, and heart defibrillators use Caddock's Type USG, MG, TG, USF, TF, TK, MP, MK and CC resistors. Also, Caddock Type T1794, USVD and HVD resistor networks.
  • Automated test equipment, digital multimeters, and precision voltage/current reference and measurement circuits use Caddock's Type 1776, T1794, 1787, 1789, USVD and T912/T914 resistor networks and USF, TF, TK, TN, MG and MS precision resistors.
  • Semiconductor processing equipment for deposition and mask alignment use Caddock's Type USG, TG, MG, USVD, HVD, USF, TF, T912 and T914 resistor products.
  • High end audio and video equipment, speakers and amplifiers, use Caddock's Type MP, MS, MK and TF resistor products.

Caddock's commitment to product quality includes detailed process controls, 100% testing prior to shipment and a continuing program of performance verification.

To achieve the quality, reliability, producibility, and unit-to-unit consistency that is the hallmark of Caddock high performance resistor products, each step in our production processes is carefully developed and tightly controlled during manufacturing. These processes include 100% stress exposure, 100% in-process testing, and 100% final inspection to eliminate devices which do not meet our high standards.

To fully establish the effectiveness of these process controls, we regularly take resistors and resistor networks directly from production and subject them to our program of Reliability Verification. This test program severely stresses resistor stability to confirm compliance to our product specifications.

Where our customer's program requires additional quality assurance testing, our applications engineers can provide technical support in developing the Specification Control Drawings (SCDs) which define the proper post-production testing to achieve the optimum component performance and quality assurance to meet our customer's program goals. This support program is described on Page 8 of the General Catalog.

Applications Engineering provides design assistance and technical support to apply our standard resistor product and custom resistor product capabilities.

From the beginning, Caddock Electronics has made a commitment to supporting each customer's needs with many types of high performance film resistors and resistor networks that contribute to the improved performance of high technology products and systems. The breadth of our capabilities can be seen in the extensive family of standard high performance resistor products presented in the General Catalog. In addition to providing immediately available solutions to an ever-growing number of demanding applications, these standard products provide the foundation for many of the custom products that are now in production, including:

  • Custom high voltage matched resistor sets.
  • Custom ultra low TC resistors.
  • Custom ultra-precision matched resistor sets.
  • Custom precision and ultra-precision resistor networks.
  • Custom transient tolerant precision resistors and ultra-precision, low TC resistors.
  • Custom high frequency resistors.
  • Custom resistor configurations.
  • Other application-specific resistor products.

Our engineers are ready to assist you in the application of our standard catalog resistor product capabilities or in the design of a custom resistor product to solve your unique circuit performance requirements.

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