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DENCO Fuses is a manufacturer of high quality, hand-made electrical/industrial fuses including American U.L. Class Types, German DIN Standards, Latin American Fuse Types and European Types. Our fuse products include Class J, L and RK5, R-Rated Motor Starter Fuses, DC Type for Direct Current applications and Metro/Transit Fuses, Transformer Protection, Capacitor Fuses, Semiconductor/ Rectifier Fuses, British Standard BS88 and other specialty, custom made fuses our customers request. Our factory utilizes state-of-the-art German technology and our engineers have over 40 years experience manufacturing fuses for circuit protection.

DENCO has made strategic investments in new technologies and enhanced its business model to make your purchasing and customer service experience truly exceptional. These initiatives include new management, enhanced customer service operations, larger warehouse for stocking fuses you currently utilize, superior sourcing strategies, and special customer-loyalty pricing programs.

DENCO Fuses strives on its commitment to offering you high quality electrical fuse products and lower pricing by buying direct from the manufacturer. With our customer loyalty program, we continue to decrease delivery lead times while increasing customer satisfaction. Most of our products are built to order, but DENCO also stocks quantities of inventory upon request for faster deliveries which means shorter down times to the end-user. DENCO Product Uniqueness.The quality of fuses has declined worldwide as a result of the few giant manufacturers reducing their costs to remain competitive. Alternatively, each DENCO fuse is hand assembled with premium raw materials at substantially lower costs. This provides our customers savings to their bottom line without compromising quality. In addition, DENCO Fuses has more of a customer oriented product by designing our fuses with the specifications provided by our customers; this demonstrates our edge over the competition. We’ll manufacture your discontinued fuses and specialty fuses that the competitors will not touch. Our manufacturing facility rigidly conforms to the internationally recognized standard for quality ISO 9001/2000, and DENCO complies with all of the accepted international standards, such as VDE, DIN, CSA, UL, NEMA, IEEE and ISO. Each fuse has added value by being heat-sealed in transparent, shrink-wrap plastic and then placed into a box that is also sealed. This process insures the fuses will have longer shelf life for retailers, wholesalers, distributors and end-users.

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