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For more than 50 years, Gowanda has been a leading manufacturer of board-level magnetic inductive components for the OEM electronics marketplace. Our extensive product line includes axial-lead & surface mount RF and power inductors, chip coils, conicals, lead and lead-free designs, pot cores, qualified product list (QPL) components, shielded/unshielded designs, switching power supply magnetics, toroids, transformers, tunable coils, and application-specific configurations.

Dramatic changes have occurred in electronic technology over the years, and Gowanda has kept pace with – and in many cases stayed ahead of – these changes via ongoing research and development. The steady stream of new products, new technology and engineering advancements at Gowanda has resulted in the company becoming the “supplier of choice” for Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies around the world. For these companies the need for a component solution, not just a product, has made Gowanda an essential partner in their corporate product development teams.

Over the years, Gowanda has earned the reputation of being a customer-driven supplier of high quality, highly reliable, ruggedized electronic components. Our time-tested ability to support our customers is the key reason that Gowanda continues to enjoy long-term contract relationships with these major companies.

Precision magnetic components from Gowanda – and all the expertise and service that come with them – offer OEMs the unique opportunity to address their power supply management and RF signal challenges supported by a partner with a long-term view and commitment to excellence. Such a relationship is especially important when off-the-shelf, mass produced components do not address the quality and performance requirements of demanding applications.

Such applications include high-performance equipment and instrumentation in the fields of aerospace, communication, computers & peripherals, consumer products, diagnostic, education, industrial automation, control & monitoring, medical, military/defense, security, space, and test & measurement.

Gowanda participates in Ship-to-Stock programs with many of its customers in support of their JIT and Lean Manufacturing programs. We fully recognize the critical need for product quality, reliability, and on-time delivery in the support of these customers’ programs. Our on time, world-wide delivery performance record historically is above 95%, while our product return record historically is less than ½ of 1%.

We recognize what it takes to be a world-class supplier to the best manufacturers in the business. We are ranked in that elite group of supply partners by our customers, and are committed to maintaining that status.

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