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Hemei Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. The chairman of the board Mr. Huang Dayuan led all employees to uphold the concept of " innovation, rapidness and precision " as the company’s manufacturing philosophy , and devote themselves to the development, research and development, production test, and manufacturing of aluminum electrolytic capacitors And sales, etc., in addition to domestic sales on the island of Taiwan, and exported to all parts of the world.

In 1998 , the factory was established at No. 3 Jiaxing Village, Dayi Township, Yunlin County , and found a land at the current site (Toyota Industrial Zone) to expand and relocate the factory.

The business project is the development, production and trading of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and electrolytes. It is a professional manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The main certified customers are all well-known manufacturers.

Business Management

Business philosophy and business philosophy

  1. to" close the United States " to reach the most " together " reasonable price to meet customer requirements, the most " United States " quality to meet customer demand.
  2. Todevelop new markets, new technologies, and new products with " breakthrough " research and development, so that products can become the backing of customer quality.
  3. Pursue the best in the industrywith " challenges " , inspire employees to forge ahead and give play to team spirit.
  4. Continuous improvement and R&Dwith " innovation " to meet customer needs.
  5. Provide fast service and deliverywith " fast " .
  6. Produce high-quality productswith " precise " and reliable operation methods.
  7. to" customer demand " as the starting, creating respect for the customer management systems.
  8. Basedon" people " , create a challenging and learnable working environment, so that professionals can give full play to their abilities and achieve the goals and vision of the company.

Business objectives

  1. Actively cultivate talents in international trade, commit to international exhibitions, and establish global marketing channels and brand"HERMEI" awareness.
  2. Improve product characteristics and service quality, and expand market share.
  3. Continue to increase investment in automation equipment to improve production efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. In response to the maturity of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry, in order to increase market share, we can only continue to develop more stable, low impedance, high temperature resistance, long life and other high value-added products, and actively invest in other capacitors through the development of product diversification In order to increase the company’s overall profitability and strengthen market competition niche.

Industry status

The main function of the capacitor is to provide energy storage (Energy Storage) , AC (Coupling) , filtering (Filtering) or bypass (By-passing) , cut off or block (Blockikng) DC voltage, provide tuning (Tuning) and oscillation. Along with resistance and inductance, it belongs to a loop of passive components and is one of the basic components of electronic circuits. It is widely used in information, communication, consumer and industrial electronic products. Therefore, changes in demand are closely related to the prosperity and decline of downstream electronic products.

Capacitors are classified according to their materials and can be divided into aluminum electrolytic capacitors, tantalum electrolytic capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors and plastic film capacitors. Domestic manufacturers mainly produce aluminum electrolytic capacitors and multilayer ceramic capacitors. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are widely used in consumer electronic products due to their large electrostatic capacity.

In the early days, Japan, the United States, and Europe were the leading countries in the production technology of capacitors. However, as my country’s technology gradually matures and has become the main supplier of global information products, and international manufacturers have released OEM orders due to high production costs. The capacitor industry is able to take advantage of the trend.

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