H&M Semicon

H&M Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (H&M Semiconductor) is a leading domestic design and sales company of power management ICs and power semiconductor devices, specializing in the design, production and sales of various power management ICs and power semiconductor devices.

Huazhimei Semiconductor has developed rapidly since the establishment of the company, and its products have covered power management ICs (lithium battery charging IC/lithium battery protection IC/LDO IC/low voltage detection (reset) IC/DC-DC boost & buck IC/white light Backlight driver IC/USB current limiting switch IC/voltage reference source IC/three-terminal voltage regulator IC/universal DC-DC conversion IC/universal PWM control IC, etc.), MOS tube (low voltage MOS/medium voltage high current MOS/high voltage MOS) , high voltage switching transistor, IGBT, clock calendar IC, RS485/RS232 interface IC, LED spotlight & fluorescent lamp & bulb & table lamp driver IC, op amp IC, comparator IC, logic circuit IC, analog switch IC, EEPROM IC, There are hundreds of models of audio amplification IC, LED digital tube driver IC, etc.

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