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Shanghai holychip ( holychip ) Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. It is • egrated circuit design enterprise. The company is committed to the development and design of single-chip microcomputers and single-chip integrated chips. The company's core management team consists of a group of senior engineers and senior managers with more than 20 years of experience in the microcontroller and semiconductor industry . R & D personnel account for more than 50% , and undergraduate and higher education account for more than 75% . The team as a whole is young. Higher education.
Xin Sheng Electronics insists on independent research and development, and has now obtained more than 30 independent intellectua I property rights, including utility model patents, integrated circuit layouts, computer software, etc., which demonstrates Xin Sheng Electro nics' R & D and innovation capabilities.
Over the years, Xinsheng Electronics has been committed to the establishment of sales channels and customer service systems. It has formed a sound sales channel for agents and achieved 6 years of sales of 600 million single-chip computers, ranking the top in the domestic single-chip computer market share. Based on the high reliability, high cost performance, and the full range of products and services according to customer needs, the core microcontroller has been widely used in consumer electronics, digital electronics, security protection, small and large appliances, industrial control, consumer entertainment , Sports equipment, medical and health industries. With the continuous introduction and marketing of new products from Xinsheng, Xinsheng microcontrollers will focus on emerging areas such as smart home appliances, smart wearables, the Internet of Things, automotive electronics, and energy saving.
Xinsheng Electronics focuses on team building, enhances the cohesion of corporate employees, and establishes positive employee values. Adhering to the corporate culture of "focus, struggle, cooperation, and win-win", the staff of Xinsheng takes the mission of "leading innovation, creating intelligent products, and starting a smart life!", Taking 8 -bit OTP microcontrollers as the cornerstone and marching towards 32 -bit microcontrollers, striving to Provide customers with the most competitive products and comprehensive services. In the future, Xinsheng Electronics will take the single chip microcomputer as the main development direction, continue to take a stable footstep, give full play to the collective wisdom of Xinsheng, continue to adapt to the development trend of the market economy, build a unique
"Xinsheng" culture, and build the first MCU in China Brand!

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