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Our family-run company is one of the most important manufacturers of electrical resistance materials and thermoelectric materials for temperature measurement as well as passive components for the automotive, electrical and electronics industries.

The area of precision measurement technology sets standards in the measurement of current, voltage and temperature in cars and trucks, but also in hybrid and electric vehicles as well as in industrial and regenerative energy generation systems.

As an internationally recognized specialist and technology leader, we repeatedly define the state of the art with our innovative products and underline the technology and innovation competence of Isabellenhütte. The decisive criteria for success are the continuous development of new products, technologies and manufacturing processes as well as the comparatively very high vertical range of manufacture.

This extends from the production of the alloy to the forming technology, the etching and assembly technology to the complex testing and packaging machines.

One company - three company areas

The various areas of precision measurement technology ,  precision and power resistors  and precision alloys   interact in a way that is unique in the world in order to achieve the greatest possible vertical integration in our value-added processes. 

By concentrating all production steps at one location - from the smelting to the rolling mill, the wire drawing shop, the complete component and measuring module production to the final inspection - flexible and completely independent production is possible. In this way we always guarantee the highest quality, since development, production, quality management and quality assurance are completely in our hands.

As an internationally successful model company that has been family-run for eight generations, sustainability, innovation and a high degree of process orientation are at the heart of our corporate culture. Above all, we rely on many enthusiastic employees with a lot of creative freedom. 

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