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LOWC TECH, naming from low carbon technology, was founded in 2010 in Zhongshan. Nowadays, 35 outstanding engineers and 170 specialized workers here enable a firm foundation on which lithium battery is created with excellent quality. In addition, the way of thinking in Zhongshan is advanced and synchronizes internationally, which ensures a long-term cooperation relation with mutual benefit and mutual trust between LOWC TECH and our customers.

LOWC TECH dedicates itself to develop and produce environmental friendly, high discharge battery of Lithium Ion-Li-Ion, Lithium Ion Polymer-LiPo, Lithium Iron Phosphate-LiFePO4. These batteries are extensively applied to Electric bicycle, Jump starter, backup, R/C models, toys, 3C products and electric tools etc. LOWC TECH has a professional team of well-trained and skillful workers, meanwhile it has established a strict quality management system. Therefore, our quality deserves reliance.

In 2012, our director board decided to R&D a series devices that can realize the advantage of our battery. Now our engineer finished the development of the finished products: Jump Starter and Power bank.

LOWC TECH provides OEM and ODM. Despite small/medium customers or factories at stage of product development or product approval, LOWC TECH still commits itself to providing as same quality products and services as ever. Besides, LOWC TECH will spare no effort to meet particular requirements customers may come up with.

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