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Company Introduction

It was founded in Taichung, Taiwan in 1992. Since its establishment, it has been an electronic component manufacturer. It is expected to produce reliable quality and excellent performance electronic components, which will bring the greatest value to customers, investors, suppliers and employees. The entire factory is now Located in Taichung Precision Science Park, Taiwan, it is committed to the research and development of magnetic materials, ceramic materials, multilayer printing and low-temperature co-firing, providing customers with inductors, magnetic beads, and related magnetic or ceramic components.

Customized Service

Ability of material research and development and powder batching, and has the ability to design and integrate production line equipment, adjust materials according to needs, and design equipment according to needs to strengthen process capabilities.

Sustainable Development

With IATF16949 as the management system, the processes of R&D, production, and sales are all customer-oriented, and the pursuit of reducing all possible quality risks is pursued. At the same time, the plant is committed to energy conservation, greening and reduction of carbon emissions, with sustainable development as its business goal.

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